Injection Moulding Specialists

90 Minute Prototype..

We were approached by a customer who wanted a proof of concept prototype part urgently.


The customer came to visit

Designing an Injection Moulded part with CAD System
A New plastic part design ready to be prototyped using 3d printing


The basic design was conceived


The model was transferred to our 3d printer software

Prototype Plastic Moulding loaded into 3D printing software
3D Printing a plastic moulding prototype for proof of concept


Printing commenced in draft form (Highest speed possible)


The printing was almost finished

3D Printing a prototype Plastic Moulding at Dickinson Philips Ltd
A finished prototype plastic moulding 3D printed at Dickinson Philips Ltd


The prototype was complete and ready for testing

starting_Qclosing_Q" The nature of what we do means that we have to change things in a very short period of time, look at different ways of doing things and Dickinson Philips do very well in accommodating that. "

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