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At Dickinson Philips, we have excellent, tried and tested relationships with both UK and Overseas Toolmakers.

Generally, UK manufactured tooling costs around 30% more than using our overseas suppliers, but has the advantage of similar lead times without the wait for surface shipping, which normally takes 3-4 weeks.

Quality is excellent from either source and we will give you options for both at quotation time.

Occasionally, the cost savings of using our overseas suppliers merit the additional costs of using Air Freight for urgent projects.

We have full UK based toolmaking facilities for any modifications to overseas sourced tooling. Dickinson Philips work with companies throughout Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield,  Harrogate, York, Preston, Blackburn, Doncaster, Liverpool, Blackpool, Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire neighbouring locations.

starting_Qclosing_Q" An excellent quality of product is ultimately key here and for that, Dickinson Philips are very good. "

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