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Mission Statement...

Our aim is to deliver outstanding levels of service and quality in plastic injection moulding. We consistently strive for loyalty and growth through excellence in manufacturing and the personal service we provide to each of our valued customers. Loyalty is developed based on the trust, confidence and respect we earn from our customers, through exceeding expectations and our total quality system. Dickinson Philips promises to solve every customer’s injection moulding challenges, and beyond.

We always listen and respond to our customers in order to shape mutually beneficial relationships. The outstanding quality and service of our straight talking, friendly and approachable team strengthens our relationship and we are delighted that this secures customers' future business.

We are committed to operating a work environment in which every individual is treated with fairness, respect and dignity. Dickinson Philips values the importance of each member of the team and his or her active role and skills that build on the success of the company. We recognize and celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and has different strengths and abilities, which helps us achieve excellence for our customers.

As people, our goal is to be the best we can on performance and in relationships with others. We expect that everyone working at Dickinson Philips will be recognised for their integrity, competence and character. Each of us also maintains and assures a safe, comfortable workplace where everyone takes good care in their actions.

Dickinson Philips is dedicated to offering equitable career opportunities for all who demonstrate high performance and teamwork. We enthusiastically develop teamworking, as we recognise the importance of working toward common goals and this really helps to remove limits as to what we can achieve together as a business.

We highly value all of our suppliers and their importance toward our business' success. Dickinson Philips conducts business fairly and transparently with the many suppliers we rely upon; we carefully base our sourcing decisions on value, service, performance and price.

Committed to the operation of a profitable business that re-invests in state-of-the-art technologies and opportunities for employees, we are always seeking ways to continually improve our business and operate more efficiently. Through all of this, we never compromise our values, or our high standards or service and quality.

starting_Qclosing_Q" I think we have a good, strong relationship with Dickinson Philips.We keep talking and that saves us on potential cost and hassle. "

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