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Re-shoring production...

A few years ago, British Injection Moulding Companies simply could not compete with Far Eastern suppliers. In some cases, they couldn't even buy the raw materials for the price of Far Eastern finished goods, however, as Far Eastern economies continue to grow exponentially, so does their labour, energy, shipping and other costs, severely eroding any original price benefits.

We are confident we can produce Injection Moulded products in Britain, that when taking the advantages below into account, are actually lower in cost than sourcing from the Far East.

Ten benefits of re-shoring production from the Far East

  1. Better, faster and more efficient control of Quality.
  2. Able to react to market and product changes much faster.
  3. Smaller batches, no need for container loads.
  4. More space available for production, not storage.
  5. Cash outlay for stock is hugely reduced and no up-front payments.
  6. No shipping delays and unexpected customs hold ups.
  7. No import duty.
  8. No exchange rate fluctuations.
  9. Much reduced shipping carbon footprint, a few miles not 6000+
  10. Your product is "Made in Britain" a great selling point and improves our economy.

If you are considering re-shoring your injection moulded components, we are more than happy to help with advice on the correct way to achieve this, avoiding the pitfalls many have experienced.

starting_Qclosing_Q" An excellent quality of product is ultimately key here and for that, Dickinson Philips are very good. "

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