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Here at Dickinson Philips we are proud to deliver manufacturing excellence in all that we do. In order to achieve this, we invest in top quality equipment, operated by highly skilled and trained workforce.

Please see below for details of our current plant list. To read more about our investment in machinery, click here >

Machine Make Model Clamp Tonnes Shot WT Grammes PS Tie Bar Clearance
Netstal 85/50 50 75 304x194
Negri Bossi V55/55 55 84 315x280
Toshiba IS/55/FB 55 60 310x310
Netstal 150/75 75 75 304x194
Oima 600/120SX 120 320 450x402
Toshiba IS/130/FB 130 230 460x460
Negri Bossi V130/400 130 211 460x410
Negri Bossi VE160/996 160 435 510x450
Negri Bossi V160/610 160 330 510x450
Negri Bossi V160/820 160 435 510x450
Toshiba IS/170/G 170 250 510x510
Negri Bossi VE220 220 340 590x530
Negri Bossi HR1200 250 1035 550x530
Negri Bossi V320/2000 320 1035 630x570

In addition to the above list, we also have a full complement of ancillary equipment including Driers, Loaders, Mould Heaters,
Chillers, Conveyors, Robotics and more, along with a fully equipped tool-room for general maintenance of customers’ tooling.

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