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Corporate Social Responsibility...

The Directors of Dickinson Philips recognise that the Company has the potential to make an impact on its employees, customers, supply chain partners, the outside community and the environment.

We lead by example. We are committed to conducting our business through values that promote professionalism, integrity, equality, respect, honesty and a safe working environment. We are also committed to minimising the impacts that our company has on the environment. We aim to act in a socially responsible manner at all times, ensuring that we consider our employees, customers, supply chain partners, the local community and the environment in all that we do. Furthermore we will consistently strive to be an exemplar of best practice in all of the areas in which we work.

We recognise that plastic injection moulding is a very energy-intensive process and we have taken some positive steps to save energy and reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

Solar Panels

On the 1st March 2013, our Solar Plant went live. We have installed 162 x 260 Watt Solar Panels on the South West roof elevation of our industrial unit. The total installed power is 42,120 Watts.

Latest Energy Saving Technology

Our moulding machines utilise the very latest energy saving technology and much of our waste energy is captured and re-circulated to heat our factory.

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